Daniel Kurniczak is a composer and music producer, from Germany, for electronic / orchestral music and soundtracks (lightinstallations, projection mappings, artists).

He wrote music for the Festival of Lights in Berlin, Festungsleuchten in Koblenz and Glow in Eindhoven.




Arbeiten für LENTROME Label / Studio (Parookaville / Aloe Blacc)

Neues Musikprojekt "DASHEW"
Erstveröffentlichung "Do You Right" mit Jaimy Elia am 10.4.2020

feste Musik- & Lichtinstallation am Unperfekthaus in Essen. Jeden Tag um 19:00 Uhr.


Hunter Nights Film (Pierre Pascual), Frankreich
Soundtrack (Musikkomposition und -produktion)

Show @ Extraschicht Aquarius Wassermuseum
Show @ Festungsleuchten, Festung Ehrenbreistein
Music @ Essen Light Festival, Festung Ehrenbreistein



Essen Light Festival 2019, Essen
JELLYWORLD - ausgezeichnet mit dem "Remondis Light Award" (Musikkomposition, Konzept, Produktion mit Dennis Nolda, Sebastian Preukschars)
Leuchtende Kastanienhöfe (Musik)
Sonorous (Musik, Konzept, Produktion mit Sebastian Preukschars)

Schlossnächte 2019, Schloss Dyck 2019, Jüchen
Sounds of the Sky (Musikkomposition, Konzept, Produktion)) Raindrops (Musikkomposition & Musikproduktion -/ Inszenierung)

Rheinleuchten auf der Loreley 2019, am Loreleyfelsen, St. Goarshausen
Lichtshow - halbstündige Musik (Musikkomposition & Musikproduktion, Lichtobjekte)

Festungsleuchten 2019, Koblenz
"das Tor der Götter" - (Konzept/ Produktion mit David Kurniczak, Musikkomposition)

40 anni UNESCO 2019, Cividate Camuno, Italien
"Viaggiatori nel Tempo" - (Konzept, Produktion, Musikkomposition & Musikproduktion)

CidneOn Festival 2019, Brescia Castle, Italien
"Viaggiatori nel Tempo (Timetravellers)" - (concept, production, music)

International Lichtkunst Festival Doornenburg 2019, Doornenburg, NL
"Sounds of the Sky" - (concept, produktion, music)

Light Night Leeds 2018, Leeds (UK)
"The Bureauxx" (concept, staging, music composition & production)

Enchanted Gardens 2018, Castle Gardens, Arcen (NL)
"Sounds of the Sky" - (music composition and production / concept) Essen Light Festival 2018, Essen
Projection mapping @ Weberplatz (music composition and production)
Projection mapping - Glück auf / Zukunft (music composition and production)
Sounds of the Sky - (music composition and production / concept)
Sonorous - (music composition and production / concept)

Illumina 2018, Schloss Lütetsburg
Projection mapping - music composition and production

Parknächte 2018, Schloss Dyck, Jüchen
"Der Wunderwald" Music and Lightshow - music composition and production / staging

It's a Boy Kurzfilm (Simon Albin)
Soundtrack (music composition and production / concept)

Bloop Festival Festival 2018, Ibiza
Sonorous - (music composition and production / concept)

Festungsleuchten 2018, Koblenz
"360° Lightshow" Hauptspielort Schlosshof (music composition and production)
"Sounds of the Sky" (staging / music composition and production / concept)
"Videomapping" (music composition and production / concept)
"LaTüchten" (music composition and production)

CidneOn 2018, Brescia, Italien
"Musica delle Nuvole" (staging / music composition and production / concept)

Glow 2017, Eindhoven
"#glowing" (music composition & production)

Essen Light Festival 2017, Essen
"Büro" Spielort Allbau (conception, music composition & production)
"Wolkenklang" Marktkirche (music composition & production, conception, installation)
"Dome to Heaven" Domhof (music composition & production)

Illumina 2017, Bad Pyrmont
Arcadia (music composition & production)

Illumina Schloss Lütetsburg 2017, Jüchen
Phantasia (music composition & production)

Parknächte Schloss Dyck 2017, Jüchen
Große Bilder Lichtshow Hauptspielort (music composition & production)
Monkey Business Lichtshow (music composition & production, conception)
Schein oder Sein Videomapping (music composition & production, Sounddesign)
Wolkenklang Musik & Lichtinstallation (music composition & production & installation)
Under the bride (music composition & production)
Baumzimmer (music composition & production)

Bloop Festival 2017, Ibiza
Wolkenklang Music & Lightinstallation (music composition & production & installation)

Moving Green 2017, Essen (Green Capital of Europe)
1500 Bycicle Parade (music composition & production)
Big Finale (music composition & production)

Festungsleuchten 2017, Koblenz
"The Battle" Projection Mapping & Lightshow (Musik)
"Sommernacht" (Sounddesign)

Tunnel, Neuendorfer Flesche 2017, Koblenz
Light & Audioinstallation (music composition & production, staging, design, production)

Essen Light Festival 2016, Essen
Lightshow Kreuzeskirche (music composition & production)
Projection mapping GOP Varieté-Theater (music composition & production & SFX)
LED Show Riesenrad (music composition & production)
Projection mapping am Limbecker platz (music composition & production)
Lightshow Allbau Gebäude (music composition & production & SFX)

Illumina 2016, Schloß Dyck Jüchen
Lightshow "Arcadia" (music composition & production)
"Wolkenbaum" (music composition & production)
"Musikalisches Trio" (music composition & production 3-Channels)
"Barockbrücke" (music composition & production)
"Disco Lights" (music composition & production)
"Malen nach Zahlen" (Sound Design)

Festungsleuchten 2016, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress Koblenz
all installations
Surround (4.0) Soundtrack - Multipart Surround Lightshow "das große Bild" (music composition & production)
Installation: "Kellerdisco" (music composition & production)
Soundtrack - projection mapping "3000 Jahre befestigter Ort" (music composition & production & SFX)
"Feldtor" (SFX)
"Märchenwald" (music composition & production)

Rheinleuchten 2016, Klopp Castle, Bingen
Soundtrack - 3D projection mapping (music composition & production & SFX)
Installation: "Loreley Rap" (music composition & production)
Staircase to the castle (music composition & production)

Rheinleuchten 2016, Pfalzgrafenstein Castle, Kaub
Introduction (music composition & production)

Glow 2015, Eindhoven
Installation: "Inside Out" (music composition & production)

Festungsleuchten 2015, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz
Soundtrack - Installation: 3D projection mapping (music composition & production & SFX)
Installation: "Herbergen" (music composition & production)
Installation: "Schießscharten" (music composition & production)
Installation: Feldtor (SFX)

Parkfunkeln 2015, Norderstedt (Hamburg)
Installation: "Ballone" (music composition & production)

Festival Of Lights 2014, Berlin
Soundtrack - main installation: projection mapping "Ode an die Freude" - Brandenburg Gate (music composition & production & SFX)

Festungsleuchten 2014, Festung Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz
Main installation: projection mapping (music composition & production & SFX)
Installation: "Die tanzenden Bälle" (music composition & production)
Installation: Die Kanonenkugel (music composition & production & SFX)
Installation: Cube (music composition & production)

Illumina Ingelheim 2014, Kaiserpfalz
Installation: projection mapping Kaiserpfalz (music composition & production)

Bloop Festival Ibiza 2013, San Antoni
Installation: Videomapping (SFX with Digital Genetic Pasta)


Essen Marketing GmbH, Advertisements 2018 (music composition & production)

Juna Photodesign, Imagevideo 2014 (music composition & production)
Verband der PBS-Markenindustrie, Jingle Remake / Relaunch 2015

Perfidy Clothing, Collection Trailer 2012

Crocheted Olek (New York), Reel 2012



Meine Band:

Freakatronic - All songs
Music production, music composition, songwriting, vocals, performance
Album: Herzmaschine, ITD Music 2014
Album: ERROR, ITD Music 2010
EP: Breakdance Rap Technobeats Computersounds Ruhrgebiet, ITD Music 2013
Single: Haare, ITD Music 2012
Single: Bon-Soir, ITD Music 2009
Single: Carneval auf der Kouch, ITD Music 2009 Vinyl: Carneval auf der Kouch, ITD Music 2009

With my band Freakatronic we played concerts in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, Poland and annually at the international art festival "Bloop" on Ibiza. We were the support acts of Deichkind, Yelle, Justice and played in Space Ibiza (rated as "World’s Best Club").

Artist Productions:

Näd Mika
Your Pushy, Ideekomitee 2013
Sandwiches (Detroit Grand Pubahs Cover), Ideekomitee 2013
UFO, Drunkn Punx Records 2012
Lecker Lecker 2010




Dizzconnected - Jichael Machson (Harry Woodelsen Remix) - Bacci Bros Records (London 2017) Pierre Pascual - Saxo Mucho, Madame Visage (France 2013)
Soul-tones SA (feat. Bukiwe) - Mhlobo Wami, OneBigFamily Records (Africa 2013)
Tranz Lasagne - Tranz it (Biokip Records, London 2013)
Leitkegel - Des Wahnsinns fette Leute
Self Concept - You Are The Last (Self Concept, France 2012)
Nad Mika - Ufo (Robot Dance Remix), (Zingy Records 2011)
TrashpoptERROR - Puderpulverwelt
Self Concept - Too Strange (Self Concept, France 2011)
Saalschutz - Ravepunk für eine bessere Welt
Pierre Pascual - J'aime sentir ta bouche glisser (Madame Visage, France 2011)
You need it! - Cars 2010
Pierre Pascual - Sous Les Sycomores (Madame Visage, France 2010)
Angela Transbury - Harmony Zombie (Madame Visage, France 2010)
Girandon - Addicted (RadioActivity Productions 2010)
Plateau Repas - Vampires (Madame Visage, France 2010)
Goja Moon Rackah - Disco Dracula (Bob Media 2009)
Emma Heartbeat - I Am Sorry (2009)
Zingone feat. Nina - Out Of Fashion
Elektro Willi & Sohn - Autoscooter Modul 8 2008
The Dance Inc - The Boy Who, Audiolith 2007 - Contest Winner
Cynthia Part II [feat. The Dead Bohemes], Supercity Essen 02 2007
Planetakis - Ich Bin Kein Roboter, Peng 2007

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